Shipping to France, or overseas 

  • What is the shipping fare?

  • What is the shipping time?

  • Where is my order?

  • What happens if I am not home at the delivery?

Shipping Fare :

We ship through Mondial Relay or Colissimo for France.
Other transporters, such as Fed Ex, TNT, or DHL, can be used for international shipments.

France Metropolitaine, Corsica and Monaco
The shipment is made through Colissimo( shipment should take between 2 and 3 days from the expedition date).

Prices excluding taxes for France colissimo

Pays  Transporteur  entre 0g et 1kg entre 1g et 2kg entre 2kg et 3kg entre 3kg et 4kg entre 4kg et 5kg entre 5kg et 6kg entre 6kg et 7kg entre 7kg et 8kg entre 8kg et 9kg entre 9kg et 10kg
 France      Collissimo 11.60€ 12.89€ 13.79€ 14.50€ 15.31€ 16.60€ 17.52€ 17.98€ 18.84 20.22€


International shipments can go through TNT, FedEx, or DHL.

Delivery Time

Colissimo : 42 to 72 h for France

3 to 8 days for Europe

Where is my order?

Ask you shipment number at

What happens if I am not here during the delivery?

Colissmo is obliged to leave a calling card/delivery notification